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NOVEMBER 2018 By 20th of November 2018:

Forms 1 and 2 must be received DECEMBER 2018

DECEMBER 2018 By mid of December:

1. The allocation of delegations will be completed. Participating schools will be notified by email.
Delegations will be published on our website

2. Schools will be notified about Chair applicants . These will be published on our website

3. During Christmas holidays delegates will be informed with useful information about all issues of their committees in order to complete successfully their written assignments

JANUARY 2019 By 10th of January 2019:

Schools must submit a complete list of the Names of all participants including the MUN advisors in Form 3 (to be announced)

By mid of January 2019:

The Official 1mskmun Program will be announced and will be published in our website

FEBRUARY 2019 Delegates should accomplish all their written assignments (2 resolutions) and keep on practicing at the same time on the debate procedure

The Conference take place from Thursday 21st February to Sunday 24th February 2019