Check List For Advisors2022-01-26T12:48:57+00:00

Checklist for Advisors

Before the Conference

  • Gather your delegation and explain the rules of procedure.

  • Help your delegates research on their country that you have been allocated and write the Policy Statement

  • Check the resolutions for grammatical errors and that the resolution complies with the format of a UN resolution

  • Pay attention on the deadlines for submitting different forms

During the Conference

  • All students should have their resolutions on paper (2-3 copies) and in a USB stick

  • Laptop is optional since PC laboratory is available for all

  • You are advised to exit the committee room during the voting procedure

  • Make sure the students wear the proper attire

After the Conference

  • Check that all certificates are correct and all delegates have their certificates

  • Provide us with a feedback about the Conference

  • Get ready for next year’s MSKMUN