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What is MUN?

MUN is a simulation/role play based on the United Nations. Students form delegations and represent the policies of their chosen country on such issues as Arab Spring, Palestine, the Environment, Drug Trafficking and the Death Penalty.

Model United Nations provides a unique opportunity for young people to investigate the origin of, and background to, many of the problems and issues in the world today; and by seeking, through discussion, negotiation and debate, solutions to various problems which enables them to develop a far better understanding and appreciation of current global affairs.

The research and preparation required, the adoption of views and attitudes other than their own, the involvement and interaction with so many other young people, all combine to give the students a deep insight into the World’s problems, and also make them aware of the causes of conflict between nations, and lead them to a better understanding of the interests and motivations of others.

Equally, participation in MUN enables delegates to develop study and communication skills, through a variety of experiences. Individual investigation and decision making, together with discussion and evaluation of a variety of possible solutions will lead to consensus building. The capacity to draw conclusions from research and investigation, to argue a point convincingly and to think critically, are key elements in the MUN learning experience. The educational value is clearly immeasurable.
It is a conference run by students for students.