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Konstantinos Tigkas
President of the General Assembly

Konstantinos is 18 years old and studies psychology. He would always find himself intrigued in politics, international relations and diplomacy thus decided to start his MUN career in 2018 since when he has attended domestic and abroad conferences. Having been part of MSKMUN since day one, he is quite ambitious for the upcoming conference and is looking forward to seeing you all there.


Konstantinos Kouimitzis
Secretary General

This is Kouimitzis Konstantinos, he is a student of the 1 st Grade of Doukas School’s Lyceoum. Konstantinos is really good at physics and geometry for an unknown reason, and he is interested in studying mechanical engineering abroad. He believes that there is always a way to solve things if we really have a passion for them and we set our goals high. Konstantinos, was a student at our school for Middle School grades and he has been participating in our MSKMUN conference for the past 4 years while he has participated in other 9 conferences internationally. His first delegation in MSKMUN was Chile in 2019’s Sochum committee. Now , after 4 years he is the Secretary General in our GA Secretariat team. He is hoping to see you all in our 2024 MSKMUN!




Ioanna – Maria (Aria) Varotsi
Assistant Secretary General

Ioanna Maria Varotsi, (Aria for short) is a high school graduate from ACG The American College of Greece, and is interested in pursuing a career in the diplomatic field. Aria has been a part of the MUN community since she was 15 years old, and thus has gained the necessary technical skills & soft skills for this position. She has expressed her true excitement for being in this year’s MSK MUN Secretariat, while she promises to ensure the fruition of this year’s conference!