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President of Executives

Email: ioannou.p.anna@gmail.com

Anna is a PhD Candidate in Materials Science at the University of Patras and has been involved in MUN since 2009. Very first MUN experience was THIMUN. One of the most highlight accomplishes is that she was selected to participate as a Committee Director at WEMUN in Beijing, China. Her organizing skills will come in handy and she will be glad to guide you whenever you feel lost. She hopes that you find yourself among friends. This girl and the rest of the team work together to make MSKMUN an experience you will always remember.



Vice President of the Executives

E-mail: annapapacharisi.px@gmail.com

Anna Papacharisi is the Vice President of the Executives. She is born on 03/24/2002 and she is studying biome

dical engineering. Her first MUN experience was in London at Royal Russell MUN, 2016. Since then, she participated in ATSMUN in the League of Arab States Committee (2017), in MSKMUN in the Security Council Committee (2018) and in MSKMUN as a chair in the SOCHUM Committee. She was an Executive member too (2019-2021). She is looking forward to seeing you at this year’s conference!




Executive Member

E-mail: adamandialora@gmail.com

Adamandia is born on 30.November 2003 and is currently studying Law in the Democritus University of Thrace. MUN has allowed her to explore and deepen her interest in international relations along with many other issues that she’s been lucky enough to debate. She joined the MSKMUN Team in 2018, as a chair of the Security Council Committee and among others she was the General Assembly President at MSKMUN2020. Adamandia is looking forward to working with the rest of MSKMUN team to create the best conference possible. She is very excited to meet everyone attending this year!




Executive Member

email: dimitristhanos235@gmail.com 

Born in 2003, Dimitris  Thanos is studying Economic Science in Athens University of Economics and Business. He participated in many MUN Conferences, both in Greece and abroad, as a delegate, a chair, and even as a Secretary General in 2023 MSKMUN. He looks forward seeing all of you in the upcoming MSKMUN. Always at your service!