Dear Advisors,

A last minute information, as the Conference is coming close:

  1. Ambassadors ought to deliver an one minute speech in the opening ceremony, on Thursday 21st of February. No other speech they have to deliver.
  2. An Ambassadors’ opening speech could be like a general overview concerning their countries’ policies as well as a nowadays status of their countries.
  3. We recommend all Delegates to prepare an opening speech about the topics they have chosen and to deliver a speech (no more than one minute) before or during the procedure of Lobbying.
  4. Encourage Delegates to be active members, as much as they can, during the whole Debating procedure.
  5. Additionally to remind shortly the main stages of the debating procedure:
    a) Lobbying and Merging
    b) Debate in Committees
    c) General Assembly Debate
    d) All Delegates should have with them, from the very first day, 8 copies of each Resolution and a USB stick filled with their Resolutions.
  6. Delegates should be aware that during the Conference need to speak only in English.
  7. Advise Delegates to follow the formal type of dressing.
  8. Delegates are not allowed to leave the Committee or the School premises without Chair’s or Advisor’s permission.
  9. Advisors should be aware about any allergies may their students have.
  10.  On Saturday evening 23rd of February we will host a social evening (party) with a ticket of 10 €, which is the only cost for delegates and advisors. Ticket includes food, refreshments and a DJ.
  11. During breaks we are going to provide for free snacks, finger food and refreshments for all Delegates and Advisors.
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